Robin Hood Prince of Tweets Slot: NextGen Gaming with many extras

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Robin Hood was a bird? A bird that takes the right into its own wings in Sherwood Forrest with its bird friends, steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Sounds funny, we agree. But the developers of NextGen Gaming have slightly different views. In Robin Hood Prince of Tweets we witness the ornithological Robin Hood, who doesn’t really do anything, but at least has a bow. Sounds promising!

Bonds to the history of Robin Hood as we know it are not to be dismissed. So we meet Robin Hood, a charming princess, a castle and the drunken monk again. Whether the plan to bring the English folklore into the animal world works out and is well received by the player, we will now check in our slot machine test.

Technical features

Fitting to the refreshing setting of the slot machine, NextGen Gaming has also screwed on the game mechanics. Robin Hood Prince of Tweets is a 5-reel, 4-symbol, 4-slot machine with a total of 40 paylines. Thanks to the three-stage Superbet feature, bets of up to €200 can be placed. But for those of us with a smaller budget, it starts at €0.20. So there’s something for everyone!

To help you get used to the imaginative setting, NextGen has given the slot machine an impressive technology. Behind artistically designed symbols is 3D technology, which enables realistic animations and effects like in Hollywood movies. The magical gaming experience is rounded off with a baroque soundtrack. Even the sounds of the buttons make sounds played by xylophone, clarinet and oboe.

Good to know that you can also play Robin Hood Prince of Tweets on your smartphone. You’ll have a hard time getting an internet connection in the woods, but the W-Lan should still be available in the garden! But of course nobody can forbid you to play during the boring opera performance.

Bonuses and winnings

Robin Hood Prince of Tweets is a game with a lot of charm, but what about the winnings? Does Robin think we are rich and would like to steal from us in order to give it to the welfare recipients? That would suggest that you are looking in vain for free spins and wild symbols. Or does Robin mean well with us and help us to make the profits? So that we can answer these legitimate questions, let’s look at the bonuses and winnings together.

On the one hand there is Robin Hood’s Arrow feature, where Robin shoots his arrows to turn adjacent symbols into wild symbols. Robin Hood himself is also wild. How many symbols become wild around Robin can be influenced by playing at different levels in Superbet. The higher the level, the more you pay per spin. But on the other hand, the chances of winning also increase, so it’s always worth playing at the highest Superbet level – and we’ve researched this for you.

On the other hand, in Robin Hood Prince of Tweets you’ll get to know the pretty bird princess, who also serves as a scatter and is worth up to 4000 coins in a winning combination. When 3, 4 or 5 princesses chirp by at the same time, there are 15, 20 or 25 free spins. And best of all, in Free Spins mode, you can view bird princesses again and get more free spins!

Don’t forget the option to double or quadruple a win. Risky players have the option to bet on red or black or one of the four images. If the prediction was correct, the win doubles or quadruples. You can repeat this bet as often as you like! Well, doesn’t that sound good?

With our investigation into Robin Hood’s true motives, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re dealing with a benefactor for players of all kinds. Free spins, wild symbols, Superbet and Gamble function offer us beside a lot of fun also a lot of chances to win!