Dragon Slot

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The dragons, these legendary creatures in the form of giant winged reptiles, have always inspired man’s imagination. You can find them in almost all civilizations and mythologies worldwide. If you feel the soul of a warrior within you and think that you can defeat and tame one of these wild creatures, let yourself be seduced by Dragon Slot, a slot machine that Leander Games Studios that deals with the theme of dragons. The 5 reel and 20 payline Dragon Slot slot machine will delight you with its immersive feel and low stakes. By the way, the bravest knights can try to crack a phenomenal jackpot of 22.500€ in this brand new game!

Technical features

Dragon Slot is a game that takes us into a medieval fantasy world. There we meet a horde of dragons, one of which is bigger and more terrifying than the next. And of course there is also a brave knight in a shiny silver armour. Will it be able to resist the flames of the huge winged reptiles with the sharp teeth? The most graphically appealing Dragon Slot video slot machine is the work of artist Ciruela, an Argentine draughtsman and illustrator who has published numerous art books, posters and calendars. Due to the talent of this developer, who is known for his work in Magia (2000) and Infinito Interior (2002), you immediately feel that Dragon Slot has something other developers don’t: the Genie.

In Dragon Slots, luck is on your side and helps you crack the 22,500€ jackpot. Because players with low stakes can already participate in this game with 1 cent per active payment line; all others can bet up to 200€ per round. The advantage of this slot machine from Leander Games is indeed that it is suitable for any budget.

bonuses and winnings

Dragon Slots contains no less than 10 symbols in different colours (black, white, green, red, blue and yellow) related to the dragon world. The yellow dragon serves as a wild symbol, probably because this color is associated with gold. This useful symbol can replace all other icons and multiply the player’s winnings. The scatter icon on Dragon Slots is a knightly emblem: it allows you to triple your winnings. The knight’s icon in the silver armour, on the other hand, allows you to benefit from free spins. If you manage to line up the Dragonfight symbol three times on the same line, you can unblock the bonus game!