Titan Thunder Slot: Quickspins giants shake the rollers

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Fight of the Giants!

Description of the Game

Loud Greek legend tells us that there was a time when the earth was only populated by giants. Of mighty titans, who wandered through the area bursting with strength and fought each other. Quickspin made the game “Titan Thunder” out of it and thus joins the long list of game developers who like to use ancient legends and fairytale legends.

Titan Thunder abducts the player into the realm of the ancient gods. The Titans are powerful giants who have superhuman powers and eliminate everything in their path. They ruled the legend in the “Golden Era”, they are the oldest Greek dynasty of gods. They are assigned to the elements, so there are water, air, earth and fire titans! They all use the powers provided by the elements.

Technical properties

The graphics in “Titan Thunder” are quite impressive! As soon as you open the slot machine, you’ll hear majestic epic music reminiscent of old sandal movies. In the background of the slot machine we see a snow-capped mountain and a gentle hilly landscape, the way to Olympus. The slot machine has five reels and 50 paylines and one secret: almost unnoticed when you start the game, you see six reels instead of five! A stone logo “Titan Thunder” slides over the sixth reel and the reel disappears. If the player is lucky, it will reappear during the game, but we’ll get to that later. The symbols on the reels are the Greek titans, gems like rubies and emeralds, the lightning of Godfather Zeus as the scatter symbol, and the wild symbols. The button bar in the lower part of the slot machine is quite simple and, somewhat disappointingly, not thematically integrated. It might as well be included in any other game, other game developers do that better. For comfortable titans there is of course the autoplay function, so that the wheel of luck can turn automatically more and more.

Bonuses and winnings

The RTP rate, so “Return to Player” rate is 96.5 % for this game. This is a good number and shows that the game can really be worth it. As always, if you don’t dare, you don’t win! With “Titan Thunder” and its unpredictable features, the player can significantly improve the win amount if he dares to invest a little more money. The most exciting feature is the “Titan Thunder Feature”, the name of the game. Then a sixth roller suddenly appears under the logo on the left! This feature is triggered when the player sees three or more scatter symbols on the reels. You generate eight free spins, the sixth reel and all wins triple! During Free Spins, each Titan can randomly become a Wild symbol. So the sixth reel can completely change the outcome of the game and dramatically increase the player’s chances of winning.

We have a soft spot for legends and legends and therefore enjoyed Quickspin’s “Titan Thunder”! The additional functions are well thought out, are very impressive and the slot machine doesn’t have to fear any comparison. A sixth roller: we are thrilled!