The best movies about Blackjack


Casinos are often a central theme in Hollywood movies. Not only can you feel like you’re in your favorite casino, but you can also familiarize yourself with the most popular card games in these facilities. If you are a regular Blackjack or Poker player, it would be wise to use these resources for your future games. That’s why has chosen two legendary Blackjack movies for you. Here you’ll find valuable information to complete your knowledge of this famous game of chance and the different card counting strategies.

Las Vegas 21

Ben Campbell, a student at MIT, leads a normal student life until one day his mathematics professor makes him the sixth member of his card counting team. All members of this team are MIT students who fly to Las Vegas every weekend and try to clear millions of dollars at the blackjack tables under false identities. They have a winning strategy, but they haven’t reckoned with Cole Williams, the casino’s security chief, who is coming up with the gang’s plan and decides to stop them in his own way.

Las Vegas 21 will satisfy all blackjack lovers, as many scenes are set at the blackjack tables. Thanks to the card counting technique of Ben and his friends, viewers can better assess and understand the risks and limitations of this incredible strategy.

Rain Man

The world of Charlie Babbitt collapses when he learns that his late father is bequeathing his immense fortune to an anonymous stranger in a psychiatric facility in Cincinnati. Besides being furious that this incredible sum of money had been snatched away from his nose, Charlie decides to meet this guy . But the suffering of the man has no end yet, because he discovers locally that the mysterious unknown is none other than his older brother Raymond Babbitt, who suffers from autism. Charlie Babbitt decides to kidnap him as far as California. This trip turns out to be more complicated than expected, as Raymond is afraid of flying and categorically refuses to board the plane. The journey therefore continues in the car, where the two brothers get to know each other better.

Raymond Babbitt has an island talent and is therefore much more intelligent than the average population. In the course of her exciting journey across the American streets, Charlie decides to test Ray’s talent in the casinos of Las Vegas. Rain Man offers us a legendary scene in which Charlie follows his older brother’s rules to count the cards at the blackjack table.