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In Switzerland there are times of upheaval concerning gambling. Until now, the conservative financial country was not exactly known for its lax approach to gambling, even though some of the most luxurious casinos in Switzerland are. Since July 2019, Swiss players have no longer been able to play in foreign casinos. On this page you can find out what all this will look like.

However, due to the Money Gaming Act of June 2018, it will no longer be possible for Swiss people to play legally and without hesitation in foreign online casinos.

Whoever does not know the legal situation well or needs more information will definitely find what they are looking for.

But in a nutshell: due to the web block, Swiss people can only play in online casinos that have been licensed by the state! So how do you find a good and secure Swiss online casino?

Find serious Swiss online casinos

On 21 May 2012, the Swiss Casino Groups launched the first legal online casino for Switzerland. At the free online casino, Swiss players can still play legally, but not for real money, only for play money. The points you might win, however, can be exchanged for bonuses the next time you visit the casino.

The gaming platform works like a normal casino, but without the chance of real winnings. The premiums range from simple drinks to fantastic casino and hotel stays in Switzerland for several people.

But even when it comes to real money, players from Switzerland can let off steam in the online casino; but then in Swiss online casinos. Most foreign online casinos have acquired their licences in Malta or Gibraltar and are entitled to offer their services to all EU citizens; unfortunately this does not include Switzerland.

Swiss players can no longer access these casinos since the blocking of the Internet that comes with the Money Gaming Act, unless they own the corresponding Swiss licence.

Luckily, many European providers have also specialised in the Swiss. If you are allowed to play them from Switzerland, you should in principle make sure that the casino is available in the desired language when selecting the online casino (i.e. Italian, English or French – usually all three languages are offered!).

In addition, it is mandatory to check which payment systems are accepted! It is important to find out whether you can normally pay by credit card or how long you have to wait for a deposit or withdrawal in order to avoid possible problems with the online casino.

To determine the security and service of an online casino, you should definitely look at reviews on the net. We provided a Topliste, in which the best on-line Casinos for Switzerland were tested and examined!

Legal situation for on-line Casinos in Switzerland

Before the tuning of the money play law the execution of gambling in the Internet was forbidden in Switzerland according to gaming bank law, why in principle no enterprise was allowed to offer a Swiss on-line Casino.

This fact led to the creation of the Money Gaming Act, which was relatively unanimously accepted by the people in 2018.

Now Swiss entrepreneurs are also allowed to offer online casinos and the country to the gambling taxes and revenue.

Similar to the “real” casinos, licenses for these online casinos are to be granted, and with technical aids the possibilities of the game are to be restricted as far as possible due to the danger of addiction.

The exact changes, as well as the blocking of all non-licensed online casinos without a Swiss license, will be implemented in mid-2019. Until then, all Swiss casinos will have the opportunity to prepare their online casino offer and obtain a license, i.e. a Swiss online casino license.

The Swiss Federal Casino Commission, or SFGB for short, will review the online casinos and has the authority to grant the licenses.

As a Swiss casino player, you don’t have to worry about your casino accounts in foreign casinos at the moment, as the net block is not yet active. It is of course good if you continue to inform yourself about the legal situation, which can reassure you on our site.