Pornhub launches its own online casino!


Porn and casinos have something in common: they are reserved for an adult audience. Pornhub has now succeeded in uniting these two sinful passions. Learn more about this Hardcore-Onlinecasino.

A very popular porn site

“[…]Pornhub would like to extend the fun of the players even further and offers in addition to porn still a gaming experience.”

Even if you may not want to admit it, you certainly know the porn platform Pornhub. It is the second most popular porn site worldwide. They must know that Pornhub takes even the 65th place of the world-wide most visited sides. This means that every day over 20 million visitors visit Pornhub. The majority of visitors are men between 18 and 35 years old from the USA and Europe. The successful site now wants to extend the pleasure of its players even further and therefore offers an online gaming experience in addition to the porn. On the chance to offer casino games on a porn site, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price says: “Our users want to have fun online. When an online casino gave us the opportunity to combine gaming with porn, we decided to take up the challenge. ” But will visitors to the site spend money on table games and slot machines when the average visit time to Pornhub is only 9 minutes? One is safe: at original plays, which attract the attention of the possible players, it does not lack in the Pornhub play library in any case not.

A Hardcore play library

Even if Pornhub is primarily a free video platform for adults, then does not mean that the quality comes too briefly. That applies also to the Casinospiele. Because the Pornhub Casino play platform offers dozens of video slot machines and 3D-Spielautomaten of Betsoft. The players can use therefore the most current titles of this manufacturer, like for instance Weekend in Vegas™ or The Tipsy Tourist™. Also some video slot machines of the manufacturers Endorphina and Playson are offered in the Pornhub Casino, among them Vikings Slots™, Zombirthday™ and The Ninja™. With the other plays offered on Pornhub Casino, the offerer shows its Hardcore side and offers slot machines with symbols from Pornofilmen. We won’t give you any details now, but you won’t be disappointed. Another special feature of Pornhub Casino: the live games where the croupières forgot their costumes and the strip poker games. The players can compete against each other and use their webcam.

With a unique range of games for the iGaming industry, Pornhub Casino is already making headlines at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, you can only try this casino in free mode. Nevertheless the fun does not come here guaranteed not too briefly, convince yourselves!