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In November, NetEnt’s “Warlords: Crystals of Power” online slot came into the casinos, but the graphics impressed us so much that we would like to give this game a more detailed look. It’s a game for fantasy fans, for all those who like to play role-playing games, for those who find themselves in Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings & Co. Fantasy in the online casino – a successful mixture, as we find.

Nothing is cute and comic-like in this game, it’s not a brightly colored online slot with cherries and lemons – NetEnt shows its darker side in this game and developed a slot machine that plays in a world full of mystical powers. It’s a fantasy adventure that NetEnt presents us with “Warlords: Crystals of Power”.

The story isn’t new, these patterns appear again and again in fantasy novels, movies and games: Three powerful enemies equipped with different powers, each with a magical crystal that gives them great power. The three adversaries compete against each other in epic battles to find out who is the strongest and wins the battle.

Our review of the Warlords: Crystals of Power Online Slot

At the beginning of the game, the player gets to know the three main characters of the medieval slot: The Samurai, the Priestess and the Barbarian. It’s all about the epic battle of these three mighty characters in Net Entertainment’s new online slot. They fight for nothing less than world domination. The player gets an early impression of the three, because the game opens with a picture of the trio in a warlike pose. The gameplay takes the player into a medieval fantasy intoxication and you can’t let go so quickly.

The online slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines. The reels are set against the background of a battlefield, with fighters to the left and right. The reels themselves are in the middle of the screen, with the warriors and their animal companions depicted on them. The samurai is followed by the wolf, the barbarian by the wild boar and the beautiful priestess by an equally beautiful black panther. Further symbols are the three crystals of power, the masks of the three characters and their waving banners. There are no card symbols in this game.

Functions and special features of the online slot


The three warlords appear as stacked symbols on the reels, they can extend over three rows and then appear in full size together with their animal companions. In this way, warlords help to create a variety of winning combinations.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol is formed by the three crystals: One red, one blue and one green crystal, set in elaborately forged gold. The wild symbol can replace all other symbols in the game except the scatter symbol.

Superimposed wild symbol

In the basic game, there is also an overlay wild symbol that appears randomly. If the barbarian’s hammer lies over the reels, a 2×2 square turns into a wild symbol. When the priestess’s arrow appears, 2-5 wild symbols are distributed across the reels. The samurai’s sword distributes 2-5 wild symbols on the reels 1-4.

Scatter symbols

In this online slot there are three scatter symbols, because the symbol is represented by the respective banner of the warlords. So there is a green, a blue and a red banner blowing in the wind. The banners can only appear on reels two, three and four.

free spins

free spins are triggered when at least two of the scatter symbols appear on these reels. If there are two different colored banners, these two warriors compete against each other to decide whose color will win. If all the banners have the same color, the re-spins phase is triggered. The player receives another spin, which allows additional scatter symbols.

Only when three scatter symbols of the same color are found on the reels, the free spins are triggered. But even if the re-spin didn’t work out, there is still one last chance: At the end of the battle a burning rock flies towards the reels and destroys a field – with a bit of luck another scatter banner hides behind it.

>When it’s finally done and three banners of the same color have triggered the free spins function, there are different free spins – depending on which color or which warlord has won.

Barbarbaren Freispiele (blue): The player receives nine free spins with the barbarian, his animal and his scatter symbol on the reels. The Scatter icon gives the player three more spins.

Priestess Free Spins (green): The player receives seven Free Spins with the Priestess, her pet, and her Scatter icon on the reels. Each Scatter symbol increases the winnings by 1x.

Samurai Free Spins (red): The player receives five Free Spins with the Samurai, his pet, and his Scatter symbol on the reels. The scatter icon works as “Sticky Wild” throughout the round, so it stays firmly on the reels.


Warlords: Crystals of Power is a relatively complex game, but it’s a lot of fun if you enjoy the epic battle of three powerful warlords and have a soft spot for fantasy. It’s a slot that could become a classic thanks to its excellent graphics and a whole host of extra features. There’s nothing to add to this slot, a clear game recommendation.

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Slots FAQ

How Do Slots Work?

The player has no direct influence on the winnings or probabilities of slots. However, since the programmed percentage of payouts differs from device to device and online casino to online casino, the player can at least influence his chances of winning by choosing the casino and machine.

Online pay out most slot machines in the long run between 92 and 98 percent again. The higher this value is, the better it is for the players. Most providers indicate this payout rate on the info board of every slot machine.

In general, jackpot machines have slightly lower payout rates than normal machines. So with the prospect of a potential million-you-win, you’ll buy yourself a little worse payouts in the long run.

Slots settings

Addition to the infinite variety of themes and symbols on the different slot machines, there are some other settings you can make as a player.

Multilines (Lines)

On a very simple slot machine, you’ll be paid if the three symbols on the middle line match. Most of the time you can see the two lines above and below, but they don’t count. In a multi-line game, you can activate these two lines by betting extra money. If not only horizontal but also oblique lines count, bets of nine coins or more are possible. Online you can sometimes bet over 20 lines and you can usually set how many lines you want to play.

Multiplier (Coins)

By inserting several coins before a game, you can multiply the potential winnings. Usually the number of coins (and thus the multiplier) is limited. If you insert about five coins and get a line win worth ten times the bet, then you will be paid a total of 50 coins (5 x 10). For your chances of winning it does not matter which multiplier you choose.